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Scholarship Awards


It is the hope of the Board of Trustees that this program will motivate young students whose parents or guardians are Members of, and reside in, the service area of The Socorro Electric Cooperative, Inc. (SEC), to continue their education. 


The Socorro Electric Foundation (Foundation) Scholarships, will be awarded per semester in an amount to be determined by the board of the Foundation to high school graduates, including homeschooled students, who are enrolled and accepted as a Freshman in an institution of higher learning in the Fall after their Senior year.  Relatives of SEC employees are eligible to apply for a scholarship.  The immediate family (son/daughter) of trustees and the CEO will not be eligible to participate in the scholarship program.

QUALIFICATIONS (determination of awards will be made by the Foundation Scholarship Committee)

A recipient must:

  • Have parent(s) or legal guardian(s) who: have been members of SEC for a minimum of 180 days from date of application; have a residential account (business or yard light only accounts do not qualify); currently reside in the service area; and are Members in good standing – that is Members who do not  have any outstanding balance on either active or inactive accounts by the submittal deadline.
  • Have been accepted into an institution of higher learning; being a college, university, vocational or technical school accredited by the State or other qualified agency.
  • Have a grade point average equivalent of 2.50 on a 4.00 scale at the time of application.


  • There will be no discrimination due to race, color, creed or in any form in the selection of the recipient.
  • Interested home-schooled or high school Seniors must submit a completed Foundation application packet to SEC  for consideration as a recipient.
  • The SEC Board of Trustees reserves the right to ratify all awards.
  • This award will be presented by the President of the SEC Board of Trustees or his/her designated representatives.
  • Applications must be received no later than the first Monday in April of each year to the SEC offices by the close of business that day.


  • Funds will be controlled at all times by the Foundation.
  • Prior to any scholarship awards being forwarded to a recipient’s chosen higher education institution for their FIRST semester, a recipient must provide a copy of their official registration reflecting their status as a full-time student to SEC.  Funds cannot be released for any subsequent semester until SEC receives an official final grade report for the most recently completed semester AND verification of full-time enrollemnt in the following eligible semester.  These documents must be received EACH YEAR no later than January 15 for the preceeding Fall semester, and by June 15 for the preceding Spring semester.  Electronic versions of these documents are acceptable.
  • Payment of the scholarship awards will be paid to the higher education institution by the second week in September and February for the Fall and Spring Semesters, respectively.
  • Scholarship funds may be used for tuition, housing, meal plans, school fees or other educational expenses.
  • A recipient must carry a sufficient number of hours to qualify as a full-time student with their institution.
  • If a recipient drops out of their higher education institution, the remaining balance of the scholarship funds will be forfeited.
  • If a recipient is committing to a religious mission, military service or public service, the funds will be held no longer than two (2) years following the awarding of a scholarship, before they must be utilized.  Proof of commitment must be submitted to SEC no later than the 3rd week of June following graduation of high school.  These recipients will be placed in a “deferred status” and the amount of the award for a deferred recipient will be based on the availability of funds at the time of disbursement.


The amount and distribution of scholarship awards will be determined by the Foundation as (a) it deems it in the best interest of the Cooperative; and (b) as financial resources of the Foundation permits.

In the event of a default by any recipient, for any reason, their award may be awarded to an “alternate recipient” that will be selected by the Foundation Scholarship Selection Committee.

To be considered for a scholarship, applicants must complete, and submit an application package found here.