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Socorro Electric Cooperative, Inc. is offering a “green power” program to its member-consumers. This program helps the advancement of renewable energy sources and promotes energy efficiency.

Under the program, SEC’s consumers can purchase electricity generated by renewable resources such as hydroelectric, biomass or wind power. Program participants can support renewable energy development by purchasing 100-kilowatt-hour blocks per month at $0.09 per block.

SEC’s power supplier, Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association, provides the renewable energy under a green power program it has had in place since 1998. Tri-State provides green power for SEC from a number of different sources. Wind generation is the major source of that power, but it also receives a portion of its renewable portfolio from several small hydroelectric projects, as well as biomass facilities that utilize animal waste to create methane to fuel small generating plants.

Tri-State recently launched a new web site that provides information on its program and the different types of renewable energy. To learn more, electric co-op consumers can visit the site at

Members of SEC can subscribe to the green power program by completing the "Optional Resource Rider Intent to Purchase Application" form.