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Interconnect Program



To support and encourage the installation of Net-Metered renewable generation projects in SEC’s service territory and to promote a non-subsidized renewable Net-Metering program.


Members interconnecting to Socorro Electric Cooperative, Inc. (SEC's) Distribution Circuit will pay an application fee of $50.00 for any system up to 100kW, and $50.00 plus $1 per kW for facilities greater than 100 kW.

Members interconnecting to SEC Distribution Circuit will be responsible for one hundred percent (100%) of the cost of any necessary upgrades to SEC's Distribution Circuit including a transformer, if required. 

For larger interconnecting systems, Members will be responsible for one hundred percent (100%) of the cost of any required interconnection energy flow study.  This cost is in addition to the application fee.


Only renewable systems may be connected to the renewable Net-Meter.  All qualifying facility systems must be stand-alone and must be interconnected at one SEC Net-Metering location.

Interconnection of mechanical combustible generators or battery systems will not be allowed to connect behind the Net-Meter. 


Aggregation of excess Net-Meter energy will not be allowed. Energy produced from the interconnected location will first be Net-Metered against a Member's consumption.  Excess energy received by SEC's Distribution System during a billing cycle,  will be credited to the Member's account at SEC's Standard Rate per kWh as filed with the NMPRC annually. If the aggregation of these energy credits exceeds $50.00 in a single bill cycle, a check will be issued to the Member.


Members who opt in to SEC Renewable Energy Credits (REC) Program by executing the REC Contract, are required at their expense, to install a REC meter on the output (AC) side of the inverter, and they shall receive paymens for these REC's on a biannual basis in the months of May and September.

In order to receive these payments, SEC must have an executed REC Contract from the Interconnect Member, and then Member is responsible for sending in REC readings to SEC no later than the 7th of each month. Contact our office for the REC Contract.


All Net-Meter Renewable Interconnects must comply with NMPRC Rules 17.9.568, 569 and 570.  

Download Interconnect Application Agreement here.

*If you are looking at something more aggressive, over 10kW, a more extensive application process and different fees will apply.