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Board of Trustees Elections

At the 2019 Annual Member Meeting, there will be three (3) Trustees elected; one each from District I, IV and V.

If you reside in one of these districts and are interested, you can become a candidate for your district's position.

The general areas for each these districts are as follow:

District I - the northern portion of our service area from Escondida to Veguita.

District IV - the southeastern portion of our service area from Luis Lopez south and east along Highway 380.

District V - the far western portion of our service area that includes areas surrounding Datil, Pie Town, Quemado and Fence Lake.


What Makes a good trustee?

  • Ability to learn and abide by the Cooperative’s Bylaws.
  • Ability to become knowledgeable of the clearly defined role of a Trustee.
  • Ability to become a Certified Credential Trustee through NRECA.
  • Ability to utilize good judgment and adhere to established board governance policies.
  • Ability to focus on accountability, affordability, integrity and Member control.
  • Ability to participate as part of a team to achieve SEC’s mission statement.


Click here to download the "Affidavit Declaring Candidacy" form.  This form must be returned to the SEC office no later than January 31st, 2019 at 4:30 p.m.